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Episode 209: Sue is Umbridge

Disclaimer: Some of the opinions of the hostesses are not the opinions of the editor.

In the first installment of “Just a Random Tuedsay” by Twisted  Biscuit, we follow Minerva’s chaotic morning on a random Tuesday during Umbridge’s reign. In this story we get a professor’s perspective of the events that occurred after Dumbledore’s departure. Conspiracies, chaos, murder plots, and a pseudoSlytherin Minerva McGonagall make this fic a hilarious read.

Also In this Podcast:
-Scott is MIA
-Sue hasn’t had Scarlett in a Long Time
-Early Mornings Should be Banned
-Minerva McGonagall-Extortionist
-Not all Ravenclaws are Brilliant
-Minerva has a soft spot for Slytherins
-Skiving 101
-Contrary to the hostesses’ opinion, Snape is not a freak

Hosts: Sue and Scott
Guest Host: Scarlett
Editor: Cora
Time: 59’03


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