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Episode 207: Today’s Podcast Brought to You by Rachael Ray

We join our duo as they live as muggles in “We Belong II: In America” by mj2007. Sue’s mom has a fight with the new chipper shredder and it wins. Tricia’s son, “Ulrich the Clown” and Scott’s on video. We discuss Bob’s naughty pictures from PointofViewWeekly. In the story we find that Mr. O’Mally is an donkey’s behind, Grandpa Weasley finds out about planes and Draco has some primo whiskey. We also get very sad about one character in the story. George has finally found what he wants to write about and he’s on a roll. And once again we really like seeing them live in America as muggles.

Also in this podcast:

~A plethora of Mikes
~76 Liquor Stores
~Tiger Balm
~Fan art
~Riding the baggage carousel
~Cooking with Sue
~Rachael Ray = Molly
~Go Neville
~Stuffed Dragons
~Sweet potato pie
~Molly’s cookbook

Host: Sue, Scott, Tricia
Guest Hosts: Moony
Editor: Sue
Time: 1’43’58


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