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Special Edition #6 – Misery Feels Really Good


The PotterFicWeekly Halloween Special Edition has arrived!

Two episodes in four hours. That’s it. I’m taking a week off.

Join Jen, LadyChi, Meg, Melindaleo, Tina, LonelyRiddle, and me for the type of indepth and laser-focused discussion that you’ve come to expect from PotterFicWeekly. 

In this episode, we:

*  determine who is important and who is a peon.
*  check in on LadyChi’s toilet and make her apologize for scaring us in Episode 31.
*  interview Tina on meeting Jo for three full seconds. 
*  complain about Tina’s husband.
*  analyze the role of Halloween in the books and fanfic.
*  find out what everyone wore for Halloween.
*  find out exactly why Melinda is hoping you don’t listen to this episode.
*  hear narrations of the top two one-shots introduced in the Halloween Ball.
*  debut MasterFic Theater, Episode 1.  And yes, that is the sound of theme music being played over a stereo next to an air condition.  NOT!

Happy listening!


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