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Episode 168: It’s Hippo Harry and Horse Mione!

In this episode we continue our coverage of “Vox Corporis” by MissAnnThropic by exploring chapters 23 to 30. Kat is podcasting with a fever, Sue’s chair is being squeaky and Deth brought his birds along. We find out that Dumbledore has a unique Animagus, Ginny is a Valley Girl and Ron reads canon. We think the potions book is well played. We wonder about Animagus nicknames and try to figure out what McGonagall would be called. Forum members can earn points by telling Deth what Prefects do in canon. We are about half way through with the story and are excited to see what is going to happen next. Will Ron continue to be a prat? Only time will tell.

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A few show notes:

~Kat broke her bed
~Lessons in Math
~No prefects
~Who farted?
~Scott arrives
~Alex hijacks the podcast
~Kat fever
~King of the couch
~Animal dreams
~Full Smut Lockdown
~Memory charm Moody

Host: Sue, Scott
Guest Hosts: Deth, Kat
Editor: Sue
Time: 3’13’24


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