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Episode 166: Magic, Boats 101 and $20!

Join us for our first Harry/Hermione fic with “Vox Corporis” by MissAnnThropic.   In this episode we see what could have happened after the graveyard scene in book 4; Harry’s in shock and Hermione is the only one who really comforts him.  We pull Kat and PS in at the last minute, so they read 11 chapters in 20 minutes.  We start off talking about boat boats, then Londo Mollari shows up to introduce the podcast.  We find out Kat’s true feelings about Draco, what Sue wears to bed and that PS needs a refresher on Nursery Rhymes.  We invoke Mike and ask, “what type of squirrel would you be?”  Along the way Ron ejaculates and Hermione has a pregnant moment. This episode earns our explicit tag, so be warned.  We wish to thank Deth for recommending this story for us, it’s the one that turned Ryan into a Harmonian.
Cat Video
Boat Boat
Melinda’s Fic Baot
String Pulley Boat
Sue’s Boat

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A few show notes:

~We’re all happy.
~Deth and Ryan do exist
~Walk of Shame
~Owl kissing
~Frog joke
~The Dragon Experiment
~Black Hedwig
~HUGS for Harry

Host: Sue
Guest Hosts: Deth, Kat, PS
Editor: Ryan
Time: 3’37’27


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