Episode 265: I Think We’re In Trouble

Today, in our last story of the season; we give you the second part of “Becoming Neville” by Jedi Rita. In this episode we learn about birds from Sue.  Moony complains about mowers and Tricia is really late to the podcast.  Along the way we learn that Neville is in charge.  Harry and Neville have a London adventure and Snape seems to be spending a lot of time at the house.  And they are still eating a lot of cereal.  We hope you are enjoying this story.

Here is the link to the Swifts video.

Also in the episode:

Wood Duck

Broken phone

No duck

Vaux Swifts

Full moon

Why do they call it a pound?

The Star War

A game of telephone

Luggage robots


Ask Jeeves

Three hour lunches

Dirty word scrabble


Really green


Cheerleader Snape

Lick your eyeballs

Tricia is back and rebelling

Hosts: Sue, Scott,  Moony, Tricia

Editor: Sue

Run Time: 1’42’42