Episode 263: Badgers for the Win!

Today we have two short one shots by the same author, we hope you enjoy “The Heirs of Hufflepuff” and “The Staff Meeting” by Morrighan. In these we see where Helga finds her Heirs after being pushed to it by Rowena. And we see what a typical Hogwarts Staff Meeting may look like. Along the way we talked about Butterbeer Potted Cream, Patrick Stewart’s wife and bugs. These were nice little one shots that will get us ready for our next series, Becoming Neville.

Also in the episode:

Stinging nettles

The Mastodons

Uni, the Unicorn

You need an Heir

Helga’s Helga



Everyone is my Heir

Hagrid’s Mum

Staff Meeting – not much happens

Hogsmead kids

Short wand

Jude Law

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Moony

Editor: Sue

Run Time: 57’05