Episode 261: Don’t Say the M Word

We end our coverage of “Prisoners” by Whitetail and she joins us at the end for an interview. We talk about how Sue collects Poufwanians. Melinda reads fan fiction during tax season and Moony has a list. In the story we see Harry’s birthday, Hermione’s new home and just how it all ends. We hope you have enjoyed our coverage of this story, we sure enjoyed it. We got together with the author Whitetail and found she has Buggies, she’s a nerd and we all talk comfort food.

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Mr. Weasley


Sent to Alaska

Budgies Moony and Sunny

Comfort food

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Moony

Guest Host: Melinda

Special Guest: WhiteTail

Editor: Sue

Total runtime: 3’07’32