Episode 259: The Evils of Baths

We are winding down on our coverage of “Prisoners” by Whitetail. Sue’s breaking all the rules and eating during the pre show.  There are boat-boats and Jen stories or at least we talk about them.  In the story, Snape figures out that Harry’s home life may not have been the best.  He also finds that they are very much alike.  Harry plays in the mud and there’s a blanket fort.  We go on several tangents, but we’re Poufwa.  We hope you are enjoying this story as much as we are and we are.

Also in the podcast:

Room cleaning

That darn Cat

The cats


The Knight Bus

Special HP books

Road trip


The font mystery

We want a house-elf

Baseball in England?


Snape, the healer

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Moony

Guest Host: Melinda

Editor: Sue

Total runtime: 2’09’10