Episode 258: Snape Has Daddy Issues

We continue our coverage of “Prisoners” by Whitetail this week. Melinda is still here even though it’s tax season for her and she’s really busy. Sue is dealing with a bobcat and is just back from a con. In the story, we find out that Snape and Harry are a lot a like. We see them both struggle with their bodies not working the way they used to work. And we see that just like the hosts, they talk about the weather. We are enjoying this story and hope you are too. We hope to do an interview with the author on the last podcast.

Also in the podcast:


John Barrowman


Fisher cat


Sewing cards



Beer and tacos


I’m fine

I Hate You!!

Baby Instruction Books

Test child

The ocean

Coloring book

The Noodle Incident

Wet the bed – again

Late night shenanigans

Dumbledore pen pal

Actual bobcat sighting

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Moony

Guest Host: Melinda

Editor: Sue

Total runtime: 2’08’41