Episode 256: The Case of Harry P.

Here’s Moony’s pick for the season, please enjoy “The Serpent and the Mirror” by Paimpont. We have Canada on the line, but it’s not our usual Canadian. We have show notes, well some of us do. In the story we have Doctor Dumbledore working to find out what’s wrong with Harry P. We go through each year in a chapter and then find out the answer at the end. The author has done a great job tying everything together. And we forgot to tell our guest about the Poufwa Curse. Oops!!

Also in the podcast:

Talking cats


We are recording

Illegal to have snow on the car

Moony walks on water

RIP Richard Hatch

Mouse sharing a bed with an elephant

Mouse to mouth

Fan Girled

Canada is close

Santa’s beard trauma

Teachable moments

Number 4

Creepily pocessive

Not Slytherins

Always Snape

Mirror image


Hosts: Sue, Moony

Guest Host: Dawn

Editor: Sue

Total runtime: 1’50’32