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Special Edition #4: Scorpions, Bears, and Canon, Oh My!


PotterFicWeekly is pleased to present our fourth and final special edition podcast in this series: a discussion of the end of canon and its effect on fanfiction. As luck would have it, our hosts agreed on everything and wrapped the episode in thirty minutes flat! After all, PotterFicWeekly is a well-oiled machine.

Consensus was our target. We were the laser.

To those of you who are regulars at the PFW forums, listen to us on a routine basis, or who are alive in any sort of way will have found the funny in that description. If not, www.potterficforum.com. Click on register. It’s the best decision you’ll ever make.

This was one of those episodes that didn’t really work unless you heard what happened in early soundcheck, after the closing credits, and during all of the moments that usually end up on the cutting room floor. For that reason, and because I spent most of my week in the car where podcast editing is somewhat discouraged, we present to you our first extreme episode of PotterFicWeekly. You’ll hear the madness that goes into a typical PFW recording session, with very little editing or cuts. We hope you enjoy the perspective, and the bonus dose of Jen. Let us know what you think, and maybe we’ll do this again sometime.

For those of you who get enough PFW in your week already, the real episode starts around the 30:00 mark, and Mac’s mailbag starts about 27 minutes from the end.

Happy listening!


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