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Special Edition 26 – Four Excited Poufwanians walked into an Exhibition Exposition

Special Edition 26 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

Tonight, we discuss the experience that is Harry Potter: The Exhibition.  This podcast took us an age and a century to finally record (and about half that to release), so we don’t remember every little detail in its proper order, but we do try to walk you through in a somewhat linear fashion.  Being PFW, we also wander off on tangents such as who exactly touched which objects and the contents of various museums, reminiscence about Special Edition 4, decry the under-representation of Hufflepuff in merchandise, and in the case of at least one host, consume copious amounts of alcohol.  At least twice Scott loses track of a section, and once Kat renames an entire city!

Nonetheless, we hope that this will give you a good account of what it’s like, remind you of your own trip(s), inspire you to go for the first time, or at the very least make you laugh.  

Disclaimer: Poufwa does not endorse the abrogation of Exhibition guidelines.  Do try to resist petting things, kids. Additionally we do not endorse any violent actions against others, no matter how annoying they might be – and no matter how much they may try to elbow you out of the way. As a general reminder, Poufwa should not be listened to while lifting heavy equipment, driving tractors, or cooking/eating pancakes.

Pictures for your pleasure.

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Kelly, Lassie
Editor: Sue and Scott
Time: 1’41’39


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