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Rebuilding Life
Harry has defeated Voldemort but is going back to his life going to be easy? What will he go back to, the life he once had is meaningless now. It’s time to build a new one and to create a new post-Voldemort world. Ginny is there waiting for him, what do they need to do to rebuild their lives?


Baby It’s Cold Outside
Written for the SIYE Baby it’s Cold Outside Challenge – Baby, stay with me, it’s cold outside … Ron and Hermione’s wedding and Harry and Ginny seek a moment alone.

The Bravest Person
How does a father feel while he’s waiting?

Dodging Filch
The DA was brilliant, but getting there was an adventure …

Falling For Her
When his children turn up from the future Harry doesn’t know what to think but a pretty redhead or two soon helps him figure it out.

In Time For Christmas
“D’you want to be someone’s dad?” Ron asked. “Like I said mate, they’re better when you can give ‘em back.”

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