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Thoughts of Pudding
What if Luna responded differently to Harry during their conversation before the leaving feast? AU set near the end of OoTP. Harry/Luna


After a long day helping to save the wizarding world from the dementors, Harry’s just looking for a quiet drink at the Snout’s Fair to relax. He wasn’t expecting a drink called ‘Bane’ though. A one shot based in Arabella & Zsenya’s ‘After the End’ setting.

Having a Ball
Hogwarts plans to hold a Halloween Ball the same day as his deathday, but that’s not what concerns Sir Nicholas…

How Chocolate Cauldrons Destroyed the World
What could have happened if Harry ate Romilda’s chocolate cauldrons that night? And what will Hermione and Luna do to change history? Rated M to be safe, but should be fine for 13

Brian’s Bits
I’ve noticed a number of writers have a ‘catch-all’ story where they post their shorts and drabbles that they don’t believe deserve posting as a separate story. It seems like a good idea to me, so I thought I’d start one myself, beginning with a drabble I wrote recently for Potterficforum.

Stranger Than Fanfiction
With Dumbledore ignoring him, Snape and Umbridge tormenting him and unwanted visions from Voldemort, Harry turns to the Room of Requirement for help.

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