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Episode 138: Don’t Give Up – Light Damn It and Things That Make Us Say ‘Awwww… Puke’

The Potterficweekly hosts are happy and a little sad to be bringing you the last episode of Season 4 with “Away From The Sun” by cibjasfad. Harry, AKA Joe, is going home and there are a lot of red haired people waiting to greet him. He finds out that he’s welcome no matter what name he goes by. Tricia is happy to find that fluff makes her want to puke, so we get more vomit even if Andi hasn’t put it in the story. Sue’s neighbor shows up unexpectedly and she has to leave for a few minutes while the others chat and Tricia thinks about bed time. We have a lot of love for Kingsley, Neville and Molly. And the animals take over once again.

Stay tuned at the end for an author interview where we find out just what cibjasfad stands for and that LJ isn’t always safe if someone has your password. Check out Andi’s podcast, GalleryCast, you can find it on iTunes.

Potterficweekly turns 5 years old on Monday, so look for something special for our birthday. We’ll be back with Season 5 soon. We’ll be starting our new season with “Conspiracy of Cartographers” by Pica Scribit.

Also in this episode:
~Kelly’s pick
~It sucks being an adult
~How do planes fly?
~Broomstick innuendo
~Molly has the vapors
~A dog’s life
~Call me Joe
~Which Weasley
~Ron interprets for Hermione
~F Words
~Super Harry
~Molly Mommy
~Call me Harry
~Fluffy needs a dog license
~Listen to the music
~They’re going home

Hosts: Sue, Kelly, Scott, Tricia
Editor main cast: Sue
Editor interview: Dethryl
Time: 3’47’15


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