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Episode 137: Oyster Shots, Fluff and an Ordinary Joe

As Season 4 begins to wind down, the hosts are excited to bring you the next installment of “Away From The Sun” by cibjasfad. We have some interesting visuals this episode including “the fecal matter hitting the rotating air mover” and “Hermione with a death grip on Ron’s chest hair.” Ouch! We start out with technical difficulties that follow us the entire podcast, but we’re professionals so we make it through. OG is pulled into the podcast at the last minute, and read all the chapters in one day; we know this because she tells us about it several times This story has captured all of us and we are anxious for next week to find out how it ends. How about you, are you reading along with us or have you skipped ahead? Feel free to email comments for us to put in the last podcast on Away from the Sun, we want to know what you think. You can send them to Email Me

Also in this episode:
~OG has a cold
~More vomit
~Tricia needs a drink
~OG’s not working
~We get a snort
~Bye Tricia
~Cherry Wand, oops!
~Going home
~Melinda, are you reading yet?

Hosts: Sue, Kelly, Scott, Tricia
Guest Host: OG
Editor: Sue
Time: 2’29’36


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