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Episode 135: The Animals Have Taken Over, but He’s Alive!!

The Peons, erm Hosts are excited to bring you our second episode covering “Away From The Sun” by cibjasfad. In this episode we enjoy The Knitting hour, Sue’s egg woes and Chinese Finger Traps. Don’t tell anyone, but some of us may have been indulging in a little Koolaid. That may be what contributes to us jumping all over the place. We do include an important PSA: Ladies, take your drinks with you to the dance floor. Really, we’re serious, just take them with you.

Also in this episode:
~One take
~Magic in editing
~Kelly and W
~Alex eats cactus
~Third Base!
~Brain farts
~Wizard Photoshop
~Fish on Old
~Ginny Glows
~Kezza’s quotes
~I Solemnly Swear
~We’re off to America

Hosts: Sue, Kelly, Scott, Tricia
Editor: Sue
Time: 2’20’47


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