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Episode 124 Heather’s having an identity crisis, protect your bum 101, and cat tricks

In this our second installment of “Teddy Lupin and the Forest Guard” by FernWithy, we discuss chapters 6 through 10, even though Sue thinks it should be 11. She can’t read her own notes. We have two Peons who need a couple of takes to get us going, then aren’t sure what name they should use. Later while we are exploring the chapter we find out Winky’s in charge, Professor Longbottom is fair and that James is a Teddy seeking missile. And at some point there might be Muppets.

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~Which Wand?
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Hosts: Sue, Scott
Guest Hosts: OG/Heather, Last Haven/Jessica
Editor: Sue
Length: 1’35’48


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