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Episode 123: The Milkman in the Parlor with the Candlestick

In this Episode we begin our journey with “Teddy Lupin and the Forest Guard” by FernWithy. We start out in a VW Bug and end up on a “Mission from God” and along the way we discuss pet names, experimental wands and marching band for ghosts. The Smeltings sticker makes us wonder and “Muggles and Minions” tempt us to stop in the Hufflepuff common room for a game. Once again, Kelly is the odd Ravenclaw out, but we are Puffs, we love her anyway. Oh, and Oliversgal never did get her dog.

And that’s just the highlights, we also discuss:

~Driving 101
~The Orphan Tour
~Teddy’s Not Alone
~Wind tunnels
~Good kitty
~Redcaps, Oh My!
~Canadian Redneck Comedians

Hosts: Sue, Kelly, Scott
Guest Host: Oliversgal
Editor: Wayne (Thanks Wayne)
Time 2’18’45


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