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Episode 121 – Kat’s wearing her grumpy pants, Tricia’s stuck in the dryer, and Sue’s the herbology professor

Episode 121 has now been released!

In this episode we go back to the world of the Founders, as we discuss Moon and Stone by Andrea13 and Persephone_Kore. Well some of us do, some think we are reading a Marauder’s fic. This is the fic PS found after reading Tale of a Time Long Gone and being challenged by Ryan to find something as good. PS says this one is better.

Lassie and Tricia aren’t convinced and Lassie has this to say, “she’s really grumpy on this podcast – If she remembers correctly it was because she was stuck in the suburbs for 10 days- she apologizes and amends that she remembers it was a very good fic.”

Also in this:

Salazar is a werewolf, and is having a bad day
Helga the Cheerful Hufflepuff and Salazar the Snarky Slytherin
Rowena/Godric and Helga’s the third wheel
Lassie doesn’t like that the founders get paired up together
Tricia is stuck in the dryer because of her shiny new computer.
Werewolf-sized Tupperware
There’s a line of people who want to hit Salazar over the head
Poufwa begins, they’re all mad
Helga bounces and Salazar Hissssssessss
Parsletounges hissss
Professor Sue gives an herbology lesson on Eyebright
M.S. Lupin redux
We give a history lesson about feminism 1000 years ago

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Tricia, Lassie
Guest Host: Scarlett, duck-taped in the corner.
Editor: Sue and Scott
Time: 1’36’28


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