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Episode 120 – Floating S’mores, Flaming Bill and Kelly loves Kingsley

Episode 120 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

In this episode the Poufwa crew join the Weasleys as they take on Umbridge in The Worthy King and Fred And, by The Starhorse.  In the process, Fred foams at the mouth, Bill is on fire, and Charlie is appreciated from many angles.  Fair warning: Umbridge is present far too often for anyone’s peace of mind, and reaches new lows in character that are liable to cause increasingly virulent muttering.  Fortunately, judicious applications of JFF and A Very Potter Sequel not only allow us to maintain equilibrium, they also (hopefully) add entertainment value for you!  We would like to give a special thanks to Justin Finch-Fletchley for allowing us to use his song Umbridge is Dumbridge.  Repeatedly.  

Please join us in wishing Justin well as he recovers from a vocal condition that has him sitting on the sidelines at this time, not to mention assorted other injuries.  If the PFW curse has reached out to you, Justin, we heartily apologize.

Also in this episode:

~Where’s Tricia?
~Kat learns about the Poufwa Curse
~Kat is NOT a morning person
~We love to HATE Umbridge
~Sue discovers the Lexicon
~Charlie’s PJ’s
~Umbridge’s “eye candy.”
~”Not my sons you B…!”
~Fred’s filter is George
~I MUST tell lies.
~Guilty by association
~Don’t hurt Scarlett
~Not “My” Molly
~Freak Flooing Accident
~We interrupt this podcast for the animals
~She gets what she deserves
~An inserted moment
~The power of and
~Surprise pancakes

Hosts: Sue, Kelly, Scott
Guest Host: Kat
Editors: Sue, Scott
Episode length: 1’35’35


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