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Episode 118 – Dear Ginny, Just Call Me Master, and the PFW Curse

Episode 118 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

The end is in sight, as we finish Alchemilla’s The Test of Time!  We cover the last six chapters tonight.

Four years after Hogwarts, Harry clings to the hope that he can regain the love of his first and only sweetheart: Ginny, of course! But a single night spent in a Hogsmeade flat threatens to undermine his (as well as Ron’s and Hermione’s) happiness.

We begin the night with a contest to see who wins the Jen Award; Tricia and the deer, Kelly and the tornado, or Sue’s almost primed house. You decide and let us know! 

Also in tonight’s episode:

~Scott confused – Peoncast?
~Tricia’s ex boyfriend
~Drop your Drawers
~I feel pretty
~Jury duty
~My first and only
~Too many syllables
~Draco – 007 Wannabe
~OG geeks out

Hosts:  Sue, Kelly, Scott, Tricia
Guest Host:  Oliversgal
Editor: Sue
Length: 2’49’55


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