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Episode 116 – Introducing Trevor Crookshanks, Fuzzy Red Legs, and a Letter

Tonight, the Peons turned Hosts launch a three episode series reviewing The Test of Time by Alchemilla, with this discussion of chapters 1 through 5.

Four years after Hogwarts, Harry clings to the hope that he can regain the love of his first and only sweetheart: Ginny, of course! But a single night spent in a Hogsmeade flat threatens to undermine his (as well as Ron’s and Hermione’s) happiness. (Follows the events in Midnight Musings.) This story was written prior to the release of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.”

In this episode, Etai didn’t do his homework, Kelly spoils Oliversgal and we find Nigel. There is wrock music embedded throughout and we love Bob and Chocolate. Etai leaves and Scott takes his place, as we eagerly anticipate finding out what’s in the letter.

Oh, and Blaise has had a sex change.

Also in this episode:

…I’ve fallen and I can’t get up
…Good banter
…Harry’s not a sheep farmer
…Chapter 2 is Tricia’s favorite
…Sue’s taking a call
…Etai stands in for Ryan

Happy Listening!

Host: Sue, Kelly, Scott, mslupin
Guest Hosts: Etai, Oliversgal
Editor: Sue
Episode Length: 1’49’10


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