Episode 91 – Where in the hell is Rae, Harry needs brain bleach & Mike encourages stalkers

Episode 91 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

Join us for the fourth installment in our series on The Psychic Serpent Trilogy by Barb.

In this episode the Peons take over as we cover chapters 1 through 7 of Harry Potter and the Time of Good Intentions. Highlights for tonight include:

~ Kayla isn’t prepared because she’s moving to Germany.

~ The New Lord Voldie:  He’s the new Hair Club for Men Spokesman.

~ Draco and Harry BFFs.

~ Potterficweekly, you never know who your hosts really are…

~ Recording Rae = Epic Fail

~ The Hero’s List:  No ticking alarm clocks.

~ Harry’s Hot Liquid Sexiness.

~ Snape the good Dad.

~ Harry does the math:  Brain Beach Please.

~ “Stalkers Never Give Up”

~ Hufflepuff Truth or Dare.

~ Draco is a good friend, really.

~ Beware of Hogwarts Ghosts:  “Fix it!”

~ Mike has questions and more questions.

~ The newest Hufflepuffs are loyal men of action.

~ Elvis is in the Podcast.

~ Rae finds herself in an episode of COPS!

In Episode 34 of PeonCast, The Next Generation: Birthday Presents, a Hufflepuff from Peanuts, and Dallas Ruins Fanfiction we cover F Words 3: The F Word.  Available here or here, and also (at the second link) read on audio by the author.

  • Death Eaters: better or worse than cockroaches?
  • Non-forking family trees
  • A moment of silence for Fred
  • How long a line?
  • Definitely more depth than a teaspoon
  • Tension, release, and ways of doing so
  • Always theirs together
  • The important F-word

Episode Hosts: Sue, Kelly, Kayla, Scott, Mike

Episode Guests: Dethryl

Peons: Sue, Kayla, Daniel, Loswen

Poufwa Editor: Sue, Omly

PeonCast Editor: Scott

Episode Length: 2’18’05