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Episode 66 – Mike loves H/G, Jen2 loves D/G, and Harry tapes It…


Episode 66 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

The objective: They Shook Hands Year 2 and Year 3, a realistic fic by Dethryl. Chapters 10+ of Year 2 through Chapter 6 of Year 3 (Rewrites Year 2, Year 3).

The premise: Mike is steering the Slytherin ship with Jen2 as first mate!

The goal: Continue our two week streak of classic, on-topic and substantive Poufwa.

The reality: Great conversation about Harry’s decent into darkness, the impact of forced adoption on Muggleborn children, Lucius Malfoy as a realistic role-model, and a canonesque shipper’s surprise thoughts on Dethryl’s universe. And then…

The surprise: Harry’s a crossdresser, Mike and Jen2 swap ships, and there’s something about the continuing adventures of Steve and MaryAnne.

The result: T-backs, Y-fronts, and note that when “Harry tapes It”, It’s capitalized.

The disclaimer: No sign of PS’ breasts this week. Stay tuned. Also, I listened to this episode for the first time and spit water out on my computer. Electrocuting yourself is apparently not a laughing matter.

The most prepared podcaster: Mike by a nose.

Happy listening!

Episode Hosts: Mike, Jen2, PS, Omly, Raesive
Special Guest Stars: Some due from the mafia
Editor: PS, Jen2
Episode Length: 2’42’11


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