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Episode 38: Jen’s pants, Chi’s drugs, and John McCain


Episode 38 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

PotterFicWeekly is pleased to present our final episode on The Shoebox Project, covering Chapters 21a-25b. We discuss the Remus, Sirius and runny noses, the nobility of Snape, James and Lily in the bathroom, GPS devices, bats on leashes, and where the hell the male peons are so cowardly hiding.

We also proudly present episode two of MasterFic Theatre, a Shoebox Project audio play. It includes Brooklyn accents, fear of sex, and lots of talk about urges and pamphlets.

Following that, the PotterFicWeekly forum presents me with an audio birthday gift. I am apparently both beloved and British.

Happy listening, and please join us next week for our season finale, highlighting the best moments of the first season of PotterFicWeekly! PotterFicWeekly Season 2 is scheduled to launch on February 14th. This is so exciting!


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