Episode 244: Magic Moose on the Tracks

We begin our eight season with one of our favorite authors, Melindaleo with her newest story “These Cuts I Have.” The hosts haven’t talked in months when we get together to record, so the first bit of this is us just chatting. Moony has a lot to say about The Cursed Child, she may have some spoilers. We try to start several times, but there are rabbit trails everywhere or should I say Moose Trails? In the story we start just after the end of the battle, Harry and crew are really tired and just want to sleep, but The Fat Lady won’t open for them. We learn that Harry’s favorite words are “I’m fine”, we’re not sure anyone believes him. Ron is taking up the “saving people” mantle, especially when it comes to his family. We hope you enjoy the first eight chapters of Melinda’s story.

Meanwhile in this podcast:

Scott gets his beard groomed

Tricia attacked

How to stop a train

Susan is back

Harry want to help with Teddy

Dragon riding

Cooking 101

Tell Ginny the story

Tricia and towels

No money

Spell shock

The shop

Careful waking Harry

Never swim alone


Under attack

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Trica

Guest Host: Moony

Editor: Wolfie

Total runtime: 2’41’47