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Episode 243: Harry’s Love Square

And this is our last podcast of Season 7 and on “Oh God Not Again” by Sarah1281. We have Ginny in a pond, but not the Ginny you think.  We also learn that Kat’s a big deal. In the story, we follow the tasks as our hero’s work to get to the cup first.  And the winner is….you’ll have to listen or better yet, read to find out.  We have really enjoyed this story and hope you have to.  Many thanks to Sarah1281 for her comments and for this fun story.  The House of Awesome music used with permission from The Whomping Willows, thanks Whompy! This is the last one of the season, we will be picking up with Melindaleo’s  These Cuts I Have in a few weeks. We will be taking a month off to catch up on recording and editing.

Meanwhile in this podcast:

Graveyard – run like heck
Canary Dragon
Shout out for Critical Role and Godsfall
Luna doesn’t believe in Harry’s scar
Adorable Neville
Your date’s on fire
Hufflepuffs are fair
Don’t die Fred!
No regrets
Don’t encourage him!!
Most points ever!

Hosts: Sue, Scott
Guest Host: Kat
Editor: Sue
Total runtime: 1’28’52


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