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Episode 229: Sue’s Dealer is AWOL

This is the third installment of “A Keen Observer” by DeepDownSlytherin. In this episode, Narcissa loves formal parties. Bella’s sanity is further derailed, and we begin to see the Black Family split. Ted finally gets a clue, and Andie doesn’t like it. The hosts have some avian guests, construction, and illegal fireworks.

Also in this podcast:

Playboy Bunny House.
Ted is a stalker.
Public displays.
Proper behavior
Cora knows what Voldemort wears under his robes
Sue and Moony are terrified….of arithmancy
Muggles are people too
Choosing sides

Hosts: Sue and Scott
Guest Host: Moony
Editor: Cora
Total runtime: 1’32’36


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