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Episode 228: Do Wizards Wear Swimsuits?

Here is the second installment of “A Keen Observer” by DeepDownSlytherin. We find Bella is a fortune teller and Voldie playing chess. The girls are growing up and can even go to the balls now, well some of them. On the host side, Tricia is being mean to her cat, Sue is channeling Jen and then there’s Ulrich at camp.

Also in this episode:

Making mud pies
Teach you how to flirt
Bella in pink
AK you have to mean it
Takes your will away
Tricia on Broadway
Freeze Flight or Fight
In the kitchen
Ulrich, does the hard sale
Slytherin rules
Kiss and make up

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Tricia, Moony
Editor: Sue
Total time: 1’48’21


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