Episode 208: We’re Coughing, and We Like Slytherins

We follow as Alf and George experience many mishaps in “We Belong II: In America” by mj2007. This is the final podcast of the We Belong Series. We learn that Canada has a Black Friday sale despite celebrating Thanksgiving in October, Sue boycotts Black Friday shopping, Tricia offers advice, and Moony has a headdesk moment. In the story, Ghost Cedric’s plan is put into action. Sue wants to lock Amos in a closet with Umbridge. Moony wishes George and Michelle would share their secrets already. Some secrets are revealed while others remain unspoken.

Also in the podcast:

-Sue’s Grill

-Our Faces Hurt because It’s Cold

-Dudley’s Grownup

-Alf is attacked by a Muggle Fruitcake

-How Lax is Airport Security?

-Failure to Communicate

-Tricia’s Got Food on the Brain

-Can we kick Bill?

-Ulrich Says the Darndest Things

-Moony’s got Slytherin Pride

Hosts:Sue, Scott, Tricia

Guest Host: Moony

Total Runtime: 1’35’38

Edited By: Cora (Thanks Cora!!)