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Special Episode 36: LeakyCon

Scott and Sue, both first timers, take on LeakyCon Portland. Here is a recap of our adventures at Leaky. We sit together in front of the computer and talk about what we saw and heard at Leaky and all the wonderful people we got to meet. Scott attended his first Wrock Concerts and got to join MuggleNet’s Audiofictions in a reading. Sue enjoyed meeting Professor Sprout, hearing Star Kid live and meeting up with Poufwanians. And even though Scott ended up with the Leaky flu, we both had a great time and would do it again.

Here are some links we mention in the podcast.
Flash Mob
Beginning of Opening Ceremonies
More Opening Ceremonies
Opening Ceremonies from Afar
Leaky Stars

Hosts: Sue, Scott
Editor: Scott
Time: 1:08:08


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