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Episode 156: On Topic With Notes and Everything!!

A day earlier than expected as a Thanksgiving gift, here is our second episode on Fern Withy’s “Shifts.” In this episode we find out that the Evans clan had a temper, Andi and Ted aren’t sure about Tonks/Remus and Umbridge is taking over. We also find that Deth shared his illness with PS and Kelly, Sue’s in a rolling chair and Scott’s audacity hates his skype. Despite all of that, we make it through our scheduled chapters tonight. As always with Poufwa, please remember the views expressed by the hosts are the hosts and not Potterficweekly’s. Sit back, relax and enjoy our on topic with notes and everything discussion of Shifts. We had a great time and hope you do too.

For those of our listeners who celebrate Thanksgiving, we hope you are listening to this from a turkey stupor and that you had a great time with friends and family. For those who don’t celebrate, we wish you a wonderful day too.

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A few show notes:

~Stop Breathing
~Kindle Questions
~Bad French jokes
~Email Blues
~Wasp Spray
~Remus has a great Bum!
~Dog interrupts
~One shot, please
~Bad Prefect

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Tricia
Cameo: Kelly
Editor: Sue
Time: 2’03’11


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