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Special Edition #3: Jen wants an Alan Rickman blowup doll but is not a cannibal


PotterFicWeekly is pleased to present our third Special Edition Podcast: a discussion and analysis of Deathly Hallows.

Believe me, you won’t find a deeper discussion anywhere else. This thing needs wheels.

Join the entire PotterFicWeekly forum for a comprehensive yackfest of the final Harry Potter novel. I’m then joined by Mac and Danielle who offer a more philosophical review of Deathly Hallows. LadyChi fills in for Mac with this week’s mailbag, so if there are any veterinarians in the house, please see LadyChi after the show.

PotterFicWeekly will be back with a fourth special edition episode sometime in the next week where our overly medicated crew will discuss the end of canon and its effect on fan fiction, and then we’ll be back with our series on Aspen in the Sunlight’s A Year Like None Other. If you have any thoughts on these topics, send in voicemails. Mac loves it when people call him.

Okay, the podcast is over four hours long. Why are you still here? Go. GO!


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