Episode 264: The Batman Argument

Today we begin our coverage of our last story of this season. We give you “Becoming Neville” by Jedi Rita. In this episode we talk about long weekends, cats and trips. In the story, we find Neville spending the summer with Harry and Remus after his Gran has an accident. We learn of a new cereal, made just for witches and wizards. And there’s a shout out to Wolfie from our forums. Sit back and enjoy our coverage of Becoming Neville.

Also in the episode:

Around the World in 31 days

Easy author name

Angry Scott

Hanging with Remus and Harry

Oliver Wood – the boy who lived

The greenhouse

Eats when hungry


Nude sunbathing


Help me

Brain memories

Big words

He’s in charge


He was there


Moony likes the Evil

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Moony

Editor: Sue

Run Time: 1’43’04