Episode 255: Poufwa, We Are Easy to Confuse!

Enjoy this one shot of “How Moody Got His Eye” by pyttan. In this one, Moony is working on two computers, Sue is confused and Scott has the info. In the story we find that Moody saves his partner at his cost.  His nurse is going above and beyond, his friends are great and the Malfoys will pay. This is a fun little one shot with lots of humor over a not so nice subject.  

The link Scott finds to the table has disappeared, sorry.  If he finds it again, I’ll post it in the forum.

Also in the podcast:

What’s the weather?

Moony’s Poking things

We’re all tired.

Maggie Cat going for car rides

Frozen pipes

Asking strangers for a ride

Moody, not Moony

TPS reports

Sue is to dates as JKR is to math

Don’t use the D word

Moody in a towel

Little Lucy

It’s for your own protection

Dangerous carvings

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Moony

Editor: Sue

Total runtime: 57’24