Episode 253: Is That A Wand in Your Pocket…?

Here is our third installment of “Dudley’s Dilemma” by kakistocrat. It’s near Thanksgiving as we recorded this, so there’s talk of wild turkeys. We have some of Tricia’s favorite things and make plans for the next season of podcasts. In the story, the new business is taking off, Dudley thinks about retiring and we don’t see much of Dustin. We leave it on a cliffy…you’re welcome!

In this episode we feature a little of Harry and the Potters, since they are written into the story.

Also in the podcast:

Burrs in the hair

RIP Ron Glass

Wand in the pocket

Stay out of the kitchen

No pie for you

Sue is confused

I want a magic tray

Time zones


Dustin kills Binns

You need a staff

Harry and the Potters Wrock

Hosts: Sue, Moony, Scott, Tricia

Editor: Sue

Total runtime: 1’39’33